It’s been yet another year and it’s time to release new music.

The pandemic hasn’t ended and people are struggling more than ever with mental health. I thought I’d try and release an album to help transport and time travel them back to the good old days of disco and synthwave.

Who Needs Vocals? Vol. 2 was spawned once Daft Punk retired and called it quits. If there ever was a duo to ever inspire me as a child to start making it music, it was them. Who Needs Vocals? Vol. 2 is a tribute to them and the inspirational work they’ve given music producers for decades.

Floating to Infinity is another tribute track altogether however. My pet of 15 years passed away last week and it was extremely hard on me. She was the first pet I adopted myself and I raised her from a 4 week old youngin’ to a 15 year old sassy lady. This track is dedicated to her to not only display my sadness in losing her but to celebrate her life.

I hope you all enjoy both the album, and this new single. You can find the album everywhere you stream your music, and you should be able to do the same come mid-May for “Floating To Infinity” once it’s released.