Well it finally happened! I’m verified! Well…sort of….

I woke up today and saw I was finally verified on Apple Music. What does that mean? Well supposedly I can share posts, images and music from my Apple Music app… however I was under the impression I could change my entire artist profile and make it fancy like the ‘famous’ artists do. So far? No dice. I’ve reached out to Apple for help to see if it’s an issue with me (problem exists between user and keyboard) or if it’s an issue on their end that they didn’t turn on.

Either way at least I’m verified on something! That’s a good way to kick off 2017…. next up is Spotify. Looks like I qualify but it takes up to 4-5 weeks to get a fancy blue checkmark. So here’s hoping! Once that’s done I’m hoping those two verified statuses will help me get verified on Twitter…. which is the ultimate goal here. Instagram might be too far of a reach for 2017, so maybe 2018 haha.

As for music related news, nothing moving on my collaborations yet. Been hounding Corey Taylor on what his schedule looks like so I can slide in there to make some music. The remix I’ve been working on is 1/3 done and I sent the sample off to see if the artist likes the track I’m on.

From there? I’ll be starting TWO new albums this year. One full length and One EP. The EP is ‘Echoes From The Past (Part 2)’ which has supposedly been long anticipated by my fans which is nice to see. In the words of Corey Taylor…. ‘it better not suck’ haha. Hoping to release the EP sometime in the summer, and the full length album in the fall of 2017. At least that’s the goal here!

Overall a busy 2017 on the horizon! Thanks for all your continued support peeps!