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Author: DJ Phoenix

Pray For My Enemies: June 20, 2023

Written by on 30 May 2023

The streak continues! Since 2010, I’ve managed to release music every year. Pray For My Enemies is the 21st release, and 15th album in my discography. You’ll be able to find it on my BandCamp, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, etc on June 20, 2023. If you loved John Wick and the music behind the movie, […]

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Who Needs Vocals? Vol. 2 / Floating To Infinity

Written by on 2 May 2021

It’s been yet another year and it’s time to release new music. The pandemic hasn’t ended and people are struggling more than ever with mental health. I thought I’d try and release an album to help transport and time travel them back to the good old days of disco and synthwave. Who Needs Vocals? Vol. […]

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Who Needs Vocals? Vol. 1 – Rated 5 out of 5!

Written by on 30 June 2020

Who Needs Vocals? Vol. 1 is out and if you missed it before there’s a review of the album pre-release that rates it a perfect 5/5! Check out the review on RockScribes and make sure you grab on the album as well! You can find it on all streaming platforms where you get your music.

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Who Needs Vocals After All?

Written by on 30 June 2020

With 2020 being a complete gong show, it was time to not only prove certain critics of my music wrong but to try and help transport everyone back to a time when things were more normal. Who Needs Vocals? Vol 1. Will transport you back to the 19s0’s with heavy synths and electric guitar riffs […]

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The Streak Continues!

Written by on 27 November 2019

I’ve been releasing music every year for the last decade and haven’t missed a single year in-between. This year has been no different! My newest album “A Violent Affair” officially released last week and reviews are already positive not only from my awesome fans but music reviewers as well. If you want to read the […]

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Reviews are in…

Written by on 25 October 2018

The first official review for ‘One Man Apocalypse’ is in and it’s received a perfect 10/10! If you want to read the review, you can do so at RockScribes Some highlights of the review of course are as follows: DJ Phoenix’s eighth full album is a two-year labor of love.  Constantly tweaking and editing his […]

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My Greatest Mistake

Written by on 30 August 2018

Wow, it’s been over a year since I’ve updated my site and I obviously suck at keeping things up to date. However… there’s good news as I’ve released a brand new single! “My Greatest Mistake” is the latest single from my upcoming album “One Man Apocalypse” that I’m hoping to release later this year or […]

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Stuck on You

Written by on 24 August 2017

Sometimes, just sometimes you come up with a song that just clicks and resonates in every way possible and with people that are fans of different kinds of music. This is what happened when I started my new album ‘One Man Apocalypse’ last week, and the first track of the album instantly became the single. […]

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