With 2020 being a complete gong show, it was time to not only prove certain critics of my music wrong but to try and help transport everyone back to a time when things were more normal.

Who Needs Vocals? Vol 1. Will transport you back to the 19s0’s with heavy synths and electric guitar riffs to make you forget you’re stuck in 2020.

From the most recent review of the album:

After receiving harsh criticism about the need for vocals, DJ Phoenix set out to prove the statement false. The 6 track EP features little to no vocals. “At most a couple vocal samples but that’s it. No one needs full blown vocals” says DJ Phoenix. “It’s definitely my favorite album I’ve made so far.”

And DJ Phoenix did just that. He has proven critics wrong, showing that good music does not and should not rely on vocals. “Who Needs Vocals? Vol. 1” relies on the emotional status of the listener to invoke feelings and meanings, instead of forcing them onto the listener through word construction.

You can find Who Needs Vocals? Vol. 1 on Apple, Spotify, Google Play and everywhere else you stream your music!