Only 3 days away and I’m already starting to experience a wide¬†array of emotions as we get closer to show time.

I’ve always said that musicians that feel nervous before a performance are the ones that still care about the quality of their live shows because they want to put on the best show possible. I still maintain to this day that if any musician or performer that says they aren’t nervous before a performance is either lying, or simply don’t care if they put on a crappy show.

Of course I’m also excited. Not only because I’m headlining what could be a very packed house, but because Chive meets are always an awesome time. In my experience I’ve been treated with nothing but kindness and respect at Chive events and by everyone I’ve met in my travels to the U.S.A, and I fully expect this time to be no different.

I definitely want to express my thanks to all the people involved in organizing this event and of course to Rawkus as well. The organizers of this event have given me the opportunity to fly out to a city I’ve never been to before to perform for a huge group of Chivers and Chivettes and I couldn’t be more grateful for the experience. The audio/visual tech. at Rawkus has also reached out almost 3 days in advance to make sure everything will be set up as I expect and I couldn’t appreciate it more and want to express my thanks to him as well.

If there’s one thing about me when it comes to live performances it’s the fact I’m a stickler for constant communication and organization. I hate not knowing what’s going on, and I hate being caught off guard or having to rush around. Everything has been completely seamless and stress free and I want to express my gratitude for that.

I’m looking forward to meeting a lot of you, and I’ve purposely planned out my set to end around 12am so I have time to mingle with everyone after. If I have one regret about my last performance, it’s that I had to book a flight that was leaving soon after my set.. so I literally had to rush after my set, to my hotel, then to the airport in a matter of hours. Not only was it stressful (remember I hate rushing), but I didn’t get a chance to party with everyone that enjoyed my performance. This time around I’ve rectified that, and I’ll be sticking around until doors close after my set.

If you haven’t purchased tickets to the event already then do so! You can find tickets from a previous post I’ve made and I hope you all sell out the event and pack the place to capacity!

See you soon and KCCO!