Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion…

Unless you decide to reply back to someone and they block you for it because their precious ego’s can’t handle some criticism.

Amy Schumer is a prime example of this, a self considered ‘champion of women’ who blocks other feminist women because she works with a guy that shames rape victims. Did I also mention she’s been known for stealing jokes, stealing sketch material, and can’t even handle a heckler herself so she gets her ‘fans’ to shame the heckler for her? But don’t tweet at her any of this… her precious ego can’t handle it and you’ll get blocked.

Paul Bissonette, an AHL player (at best) who typically plays 1-2 minutes a night if he’s lucky for the LA Kings. This man prides himself on ‘chirping’ on twitter to fellow players and followers. He jokes around with everyone, so you’d think he’d be able to take some ribbing right? Wrong. Back when he played for Arizona I jokingly tweeted this ‘tough guy’ about how the Edmonton Oilers goalie at the time (Dubnyk) had more points that season than he did. Seriously, that’s all I said. In fact I believe Dubnyk had 1 or 2 assists that season, more than Bissonettes total so far that year. What did this ‘enforcer’ do? Blocked me. Way to show that tough skin, can’t imagine what happens when players chirp you on the ice champ.

News outlets. The one area you’d think you’d never get blocked from right? You’d think news outlets would be unbiased and actually take opinions in stride? Nope. Not 630CHED, who was seemingly upset I called one of their ‘stories’ clickbait and fake news given the outrageous headline they used to try and get clicks. It was a news story about a family winning a lottery, and for some reason 630CHED decided to bring their dead child into the mix and use it as clickbait. The catch? Their kid has been dead for SEVEN YEARS…. so how is that relevant to the news story? Right.. it’s not. 630CHED didn’t seem to agree with me and blocked me for it.

This is only three out of MANY that have blocked me. So what’s the lesson here? If you want to get blocked, all you have to do is reply back to people and call them out on their stupidity. We’re in a world that’s over run with opinions without fact, words without weight, and facts that aren’t true. The more you question people, correct people, or try to have an adult discussion about a topic the more likely you are to be blocked because people don’t want to hear YOUR opinion, they just want to make sure you HEAR THEIRS. It’s verbal and textual¬†diarrhea and I’m sick of it.

So I’ll continue to get blocked because people continue to be stupid and do (or say) stupid things which I’ll call them out for.

Remember folks, if you don’t want to be blocked by ‘celebrities’ do not do ANYTHING other than kiss the precious earth upon which these people stand. Do not disagree with their opinions, do not call them out on their outlandish behaviour, or thoughts. They’re always right and you’re wrong.


Simply enjoy being blocked and realize that you can’t fix stupid, but you sure can point a spotlight on it.