Things are happening! I’m now verified on Spotify and have that cool blue check mark. Of course the ever elusive Twitter blue check is still looming over my head… and I’ve just resubmitted to get verified for the 4th time now (4th time is the charm right!?)

In other news, my ‘secret’ remix is almost done. It should be done by the end of January which gives me a significant amount of time to work on the EP and full length album I’m planning to release in 2017. Not to mention that all too often mentioned collaboration sometime this year as well when schedules, time and moon phases align properly to make it happen.

But for the sake of positivity, I’m now verified on TWO platforms, with the Goliath being Twitter and Instagram left. Pretty sure instagram is impossible to get verified on unless you have hundreds of thousands of followers, and I don’t use that social network too often… so Twitter is in my cross hairs next!

Here’s hoping I hear back shortly with more good news!