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Music Is Medicine

Written by on 17 October 2016

The new album is finally finished and just waiting on album art! Hoping to get it released by the end of November/Early December. In the meantime, I’m working on some Slipknot remixes, and another remix that’s super secret that’s so secret that I shouldn’t even be saying it’s secret. In the meantime, check out a […]

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A Series of Bleeps

Written by on 6 October 2016

To make a long story extremely short, Corey Taylor played one of my tracks and was more than kind enough to give me a shout out on his Beats1 Radio show ‘A Series of Bleeps’ with Corey Taylor tonight. I’ve posted the link below. My track doesn’t come in until about the last 12 minutes […]

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New Album

Written by on 27 September 2016

It’s been over a year and finally the new album is almost done. This one is mostly Trap/Moomba and so far I’ve received good reviews from everyone that’s listened to tracks initially. Hoping to get this album out the door before 2017, but this could very well be a 2017 early release. Either way you […]

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Everythings Coming Up Milhouse

Written by on 15 September 2016

Haven’t posted on here in ages, as I’ve been busy steadily working on the new album and doing a lot of ground work for other things on the horizon. Many – many potential awesome things could be happening in the near future if it all pans out. Can’t say what they are yet, but as […]

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15 Great Misfits Covers

Written by on 18 May 2016

Following the confirmation of Misfits, whose original members will hit the stage together for the first time since 1983, Riot Fest has announced a bunch more bands. Pierce The Veil and All Time Low will play the Chicago dates, while Death Cab For Cutie, Underoath, Motion City Soundtrack, Against Me!, Thursday, Frank Iero’s Death Spells […]

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New Album Coming

Written by on 2 October 2015

I’m going to make this short and sweet. There’s a new album coming and it’s going to be retro. With all the Danger 5 I’ve been watching, and the seemingly big nostalgia kick with 80’s music – it’s time I give retro electronic music a whirl. I’ve done more than enough progressive house, trance, electro […]

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Why I Hate BandCamp

Written by on 9 July 2015

Recently on Twitter, someone asked me if my newest album The Path Forward was on BandCamp. In all honesty, a lot of my work is on BandCamp, but I’ve debated┬ánot putting my newest album on there. Why?… Because BandCamp sucks…and so does their revenue economics. They claim they have many success stories, they claim that […]

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How Do You Change Mainstream?

Written by on 9 July 2015

Too many times I’ve been told that EDM is dying and DJing is a dying art. I’ll admit that sometimes I’ve fallen into this trap and claimed the same thing as well, only because it seems like the majority of EDM ‘hits’ by top artists all sound exactly the same, use the exact same formula […]

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