I’ve neglected this site for the better part of several months. A lot has been going on and a broken rib from a sports injury really didn’t help matters.

The new album is still a work in progress. I’ve put out a new track on SoundCloud recently to good reviews. Seems that a lot of people enjoy me delving into a new genre instead of my usual 128 banger style tracks. I’m hoping to get the album done for this summer as there’s big things afoot this year!

First and foremost, I’m planning on coming back to Colorado sometime this summer to DJ a festival. So far things are shaping up to be pretty awesome. Lots of tattoo and comic book businesses on board with sponsoring the festival which means tons of cool things for you to see (and hear!) when it kicks off. Additionally, I was approached by someone to DJ a large show in New Jersey sometime in October. Nothing 100% confirmed yet – but the outlook is pretty positive as it’s for a charity even and given I never charge for charity events (that way more money supports the charity) the organizer was pretty happy about that.

Hopefully I’ll be 100% healthy before these two gigs take place. I fully recommend that you never – ever – break a rib, bruise a rib, injure a rib, don’t even look at them.. Just leave them alone and let them do their thing.

One of the most painful injuries I’ve had and most uncomfortable.

But now I’m getting sidetracked…

USA. I’m coming back for you. Plus some other cool things in the works…

Stay tuned.